Saturday, August 25, 2012


Rocky has settled in at his foster home, but he is not quite sure about our alpha boy, Robbie.  He and Robbie have had a few differences.  Robbie does not always welcome our fosters into his home.  Rocky is very laid back and likes to go for walks.  He walks great on the leash.


Meet Miss Personality.  Gabby loves people and other dogs.  She likes to go for walks or just hang out at home with her foster family.  She is a beatiful girl that loves her new life with a foster family that loves her.  She loves to get toys out of the basket and play.  Gabby is house trained and does not have to go in a crate.  Gab takes treats nicely and knows sit.  She just hangs out all day in the house with Rocky and her foster brothers and sister while we are at work.

Gabby and Cedar